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Andrea Fedeli painter

Andrea Fedeli: sdraws in Florence where he was born, his entire course of study. After the diploma of Maestro d'Arte and maturity at the Istituto Statale d'Arte di Porta Romana, he obtained a diploma of teaching with a thesis on the paintings of Jacopo Bassano. P in parallel to restoration cultivates his artistic vocation. Raised in an artistic environment as the Florentine one, already starting from the years of his education, he worked in the art of painting, sculpture and in the exercise of drawing, that represents the starting point of its production and the the vehicle that keeps him tied to the great tradition of the Florentine school, that this art had done its distinctive element. He attended the main representatives of the Tuscany culture of Novecento, the Group of abstract artists Classics, Mario Nuti, Vinicio Berti, Alvaro Monnini, Gualtiero Natives, Bruno Brunetti, the Group of the "red mark", the painters figurative Ugo Capocchini, Enzo Faraoni, Renzo Grazzini, and poets Eugenio Miccini, Mario Luzzi, Alessandro Parronchi.

In its production Andrea Fedeli, not only has an eye towards the twentieth century figurative toscano (seen especially in the initial phase, where the figurative alternated some abstract works), but you compare with the avant-garde of the twentieth century, showing a keen interest in the work of Cézanne (see especially some still lifes of the first period), to Cubism, Fauvism (Matisse and Derain in particular), German Expressionism (found in choosing Executive-expressive of certain portraits), until you reach certain solutions that go to American realism of Edward Hopper.

Datable to recent times its intense exhibition activities culminated in the personal exhibition Also ... Andrea Fedeli that the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno of Florence dedicated and exhibition organised in Palazzo Giugni entitled On whetherGarcia alive of dead things. The still lifes of Andrea Fedeli. Multifaceted personality, Fedeli through observation of social and cultural events of our time, suited his own experience to the mutability of the languages, both in artistic work and the professional technician. To report the frescoes executed in the Chamber of the Blessed Mother Isabella De Rosis and those representing the Parnassus who realizes at the monumental staircase of Palazzo De Rosis in Rossano Calabro (CZ). For the Church of the same building run the altarpiece depicting The Lord's Supperin and the ceiling painted panel depicting the prophet Isaiah.

At the same time Andrea Fedeli designs and manufactures furniture (antique and modern style), also collaborating with some of the most important designers of all time: Ettore Sottsass and Alessandro Mendini. Lanaken Winter (swivel Dresser) made with Ettore Sottsass is on display at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris (Louvre).


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