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Thanks to the contribution of Tommaso Fedeli, with double qualification as a restorer of cultural heritage and architect-expert in restoration of monuments, Fedeli Restauri also carries out projects for the recovery of historic buildings starting from a thorough indirect and direct cognitive investigation. A first indirect cognitive approach is based on iconographic, archival and bibliographic research relating to the building and its environmental context. At the same time the direct survey uses the aid of integrated survey and diagnostic techniques. They combine the most common metric and thematic relevance conducted with the new methodologies acquired by digital photogrammetry and laser scanning ("photomodeling" techniques based on the Structure from Motion method).
We therefore execute: Iconographic, historical, archival, bibliographic researches - Instrumental and thematic metric surveys - Digital graphic survey (autocad) - Photogrammetric survey using laser scanners, photscan (3D point cloud) - Graphic photolodelling - Chemical and diagnostic investigations - Chemical-stratigraphic and biological analyzes - Diagnosis of the state of conservation of the building through the recognition and classification of biotic and abiotic degradation - Identification of the subject and its origin - Technical analysis of non-destructive graphics and radar analysis - Classification according to the mechanical quality of the elements - Estimate of the residual resistant section (effective section) - Other analyzes according to specific cases

Domenico Beccafumi (att.), Angelo

Sculpture in painted and gilded wood, Genova, Museum of Sant'Agostino (restoration intervention mapping)

Relief of the Bandinellian Arch

Florence, Museo dell'Opera del Duomo

Relief inlaid in the dark of the Choir of Giuliano da Maiano and Domenico del Tasso

Perugia, Cathedral of San Lorenzo

Survey of one of the perspective inlays of the Choir by Giuliano da Maiano and Domenico del Tasso

Perugia, Cathedral of San Lorenzo

Vertical section of the choir stalls by Giuliano da Maiano and Domenico del Tasso

Perugia, Cathedral of San Lorenzo

Relief of the counter-fa├žade

Impruneta (FI), Basilica of Santa Maria

Relief of the Organ

Impruneta (FI), Basilica of Santa Maria

Intervention mapping to the organ chancel

Impruneta (FI), Basilica of Santa Maria

Relief inlays of the Choir of Pier Antonio degli Abati - Lendinara

Ferrara, Church of San Cristoforo alla Certosa

Survey of the Choir

Padua, Santa Giustina Monastery

External stone facing

Florence, Basilica of Santa Maria Novella